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super king jewel case title

Super King Jewel Case - DVD Packaging

super king jewel case - DVD Packaging
Super King Jewel Case Description  

The Super King Jewel Case is the successor to the original Jewel Case. It has many improvements over the standard jewel case, such as a new and patented hub for one or two discs, rounded corners, stronger hinges, a new locking clasp and visibility to artwork on all four spines.

Super King Jewel Case Dimensions  
Standard size - 142mm x 190mm x 10mm
Short Run Super King Jewel Case  
usb memory 128mb   No short run option.
Eco Friendly Super King Jewel Case  
usb memory 128mb   No eco-friendly option.
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Super King Jewel Case Variations   Super King Jewel Case Sleeves and Inserts
As well as the standard Super King Jewel Case which can hold one or two discs, there is also a flip tray and a slim version.
The Super King Jewel Case can hold from a single sheet to booklets up to 32 pages thick with visibility to artwork on all four spines. We can offer screen printing directly onto the case.
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Super King Jewel Case Print Options - (paper parts)

Digital Printing
Litho Printing
Screen Printing
screen printing
litho printing
laser engraving
Not Available
Quantity = 1000+ Units
Quantity = 1000+ Units
screen printing
screen printing
screen printing
Not Advisable
Not Advisable
Not Advisable
Metallic Printing
Gloss Finish
Matt Finish
screen printing
screen printing
screen printing
Quantity = 1000+ Units
Not Advisable
Not Advisable
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